.NET Core Tutorial: Using the ServiceCollection Extension Pattern II: Pass options using the Options Pattern

In a previous post I demonstrated how to use to ServiceCollection Extension Pattern and how this prevents a bloated ConfigureServices() pipeline. In this follow up you will learn how to pass additional information to your implementation. Consider the following extension method that adds your project containing some services: As seen in the previous post, we

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T4Executer VS2019 Extension

When working with T4 templates in Visual Studio, you have to manually execute the custom for it to trigger the code generation. I used AutoT4 in the past (a VS2012 extension) to execute template on build time but this extension is not supported in the latest version(s) of Visual Studio. T4Executer is open for contributions

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T4 Tutorial: Execute templates at build time

This is not so hard to do actually. It ensures your transformations are executed when you build your solution, when in some cases you did not click ‘Build > Transform all T4 Templates’ when changes are made to your .tt files. If one of your projects uses T4 to generate code, and you want it

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