I like to experiment with VSIX development and MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework) which is basically creating extensions for Visual Studio.

AutoTerminal – A VS2019 extension.

Visual 2019 extension to quickly launch the terminal at desired directory, straight from the solution explorer.

T4Editor VS2019 Extension: Syntax highlighting for T4 Templates

Several developers complain about the lack of a proper T4 editor experience, as everything is just shown as plain text. See my other T4 tutorials to see the regular T4 text files in the header image. I created a Visual Studio extension called T4Editor that adds colors to different blocks in you code. You can

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T4Executer VS2019 Extension

When working with T4 templates in Visual Studio, you have to manually execute the custom for it to trigger the code generation. I used AutoT4 in the past (a VS2012 extension) to execute template on build time but this extension is not supported in the latest version(s) of Visual Studio. T4Executer is open for contributions

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