A software engineer with a focus on .NET technologies.

C# .NET is where it all started, but as the years pass by I find myself implementing stories on a full stack basis, taking the front end changes with me. I am currently following a Angular masterclass course to fully understand what I am doing when adding a container or component.

This website

Is a simple WordPress website. I might find the time for create a scratch build custom website for myself, but for the time being, the simplicity of WordPress is great for this blogging purpose.

Who am I?

I’m Tim, born in 1991 in West-Flanders, Belgium, I have a beautiful son and daughter and I’m a die hard Rammstein fan since the 90s. Before I learned to develop software, I had various jobs in construction, from bricklaying to carpeting and even insulation works. Few years back I decided to chase my dreams and learn myself how to write code, with .NET development as my main focus. Currently I work as a .NET Software Engineer for Noest at Cronos aan de Leie in Kortrijk, BE.